Wednesday Websites We Love | MessyNessy Chic

Prepare to waste the rest of your Wednesday, because today’s website is a total internet rabbit hole. We’ve already established that Blueshoon’s web development team loves to travel, so it’s no wonder they’d nominate a site like MessyNessy Chic for this Wednesday Website We Love. This site – dedicated to travel, the finer things in life, and just about anything else (based on the extensive archives) will inspire you to pack your bags and set off around the world.

MessyNessy Chic homepage screen shot.

Let’s start with some of the back-end features that make this a website we love. Check out the LazyLoad on the images (javascript for the win!), this site loads super fast and continues to load new images for you to view as you scroll down the page. In case you missed it the first time, hit reload and check-out the fast load time. We love it! The collapsing header is another feature that’s solidly in the win column for us. As a first-time visitor, you get a vibe for the site through the header image and as you scroll down it hides away to allow the content to shine.

The amount of content on this website is jaw-dropping. What is most interesting, however, is how they keep you reading it. On the homepage you have your traditional top menu bar, and a menu bar with featured content including images on either side (What’s Hot and Hot Off The Press). Within a quick scroll down the homepage, there are 12 – 13 featured articles with images to take in.

MessyNessy Chic drop down menu.

Tired of the content on the homepage? Hover over one of the top menu items, let’s say ‘Don’t Be A Tourist.’ Now you’re presented with 5 different sub-menu categories and another 4 featured articles to also choose from. Color us impressed, the depth and breadth of content on this website is awesome (and yes, I’d love to go explore the Indian Ocean on a pirate ship please).

Need to kill time the next time you’re on the train? Check out the mobile version of the site. It’s not quite as slickly designed as the full-size website, but you still get access to tons of great content and inspiration.

We tip our hats to you MessyNessy Chic. You’ve turned a blog into a gorgeous example of website design, development, and impressive content management. Now, if we could all tear ourselves away from your site and get back to our real work that would make for a productive day. (Maybe after I read about Underground Tunnels at Disney World.) Happy Wednesday all!