ADA Compliance

Website Accessibility

Everyone should be able to read and use your website.

Why comply?

There are many reasons to ensure that your website conforms to ADA Accessibility standards.

  • 57 million Americans have a disability that could affect how they use the internet
  • As our internet-using population grows older, an increasing number of users will have disabilities
  • The more inclusive you are, the more readers and users you’ll have.
  • Website Accessibility lawsuits are very common these days.
  • ADA conformance isn’t difficult! It’s not rocket science. We have a simple process that we follow to bring websites into compliance.

Updating your websites to comply with ADA standards

A Basis

We base our compliance off of standards created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We address all A- and AA-Level conformance issues and any AAA-Level issues that can be satisfied (Level AAA is sometimes not achievable).


Using a collection of assessment tools (including WAVE, SiteImprove, a11y.css, among others) and internal guidelines, we produce a checklist of your website’s accessibility deficiencies. We then assign them W3C Levels and make notes about how they can be fixed.

Improve and Comply

Once we have a complete checklist of accessibility errors and deficiencies, we use the checklist as a guideline and work our way through your website, fixing as many errors as possible.


We test the completed website by operating the site using only a keyboard and then using only a screenreader. After we’re confident that we’ve addressed all compliance issues, we run the site through the same validation and assessment tools we used at the beginning of the project and produce a report certifying A- and AA-Level compliance.

Ask Us!

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