Wednesday Websites We Love | Forekast

People are busy these days. Dates like the start of NBA season, the season premiere of “The Walking Dead,” or the next solar eclipse often elude us because we don’t have time to keep track of them. That’s why this week, is the Wednesday Website We Love.

Forekast's homepage lists events happening on each day.

Forekast is an online event calendar that lists national and global events happening each day. For example, today’s events include the next Republican Debate, the launch of “YouTube Red,” and a live stream of a NASA’s “U.S. ISS Spacewalk Coverage” happening from 10am-2pm, among others. If you see an event you’re interested in and want to add it to your calendar, simply click on the calendar icon to add it to your Google Calendar or iCal. You can also request an email reminder as the event approaches.

Add an event to your calendar

You can add any event to your Google Calendar or iCal.

Request an email reminder

You can request an email reminder.

What if you don’t see an event that you know is happening? You can add it! People can upvote your event and the more votes you get, the higher it appears on the list. Users can also comment on events that you post.

Events on Forekast are organized into categories call “Subkasts.” They have Subkasts like TV, sports, product releases, holidays, and many more. You can edit your Subkasts to include only categories you’re interested in.

Subkasts are categories an event is placed in.

The unique aspect of this site is that all event info is completely crowdsourced. This has its pros and cons. In the pros column, the number and breadth of events are pretty extensive. It allows you to discover events you never knew existed. The cons: anyone can post an event. Relevant or irrelevant, it all gets through. Luckily, the upvoting feature helps to send any irrelevant events to the bottom of the list. Additionally, events are monitored and removed if deemed inappropriate or spammy. is a relatively new website and as they grow, they’ll most likely include more subkasts, added user functions, better content regulation, and even a local event category. We absolutely love the concept of this site and we’ll definitely keep an eye on its growth. So check out to see why we love it so much!