Wednesday Websites We Love | Eye Heart World

If there’s two things we absolutely love here at Blueshoon, it’s great web design and people who are trying to make a difference. We recently built a site for an organization called AWARE (Alliance for Workers Against Repression Everywhere) and it’s very gratifying to put a face on such a worthy cause. That’s why is this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.

Eye Heart World's Logo

Eye Heart World was created in an effort to bring awareness to human trafficking and raise money to fight against it. The founders, Brian and Season Russo, started a fashion line in 2010 with products ranging from handbags, to scarves, to dog collars. Yes, their items are pricey, but at least they are well-made and the money isn’t going into the pockets of wealthy, high-end designers. So far, Eye Heart World has raised over $100,000 for their cause.

EHW's mission is to spread awareness and help stop human trafficking.

One thing we really love is the straightforward layout of their web design. They immediately tell you who they are and what they do. Seems simple, but this vital information is often missing on many homepages. They also make use of professional photography in a full-width layout, which makes a powerful impact towards their cause. Their overall web design is clean and their UX design is very intuitive.

We love that EHW tells you immediately who they are and what they do.

We also love their black/white/orange color scheme. When you have one bright color, the eye is naturally directed towards that color. They use the bright orange color to draw your attention to the most important things, like CTAs. When they do use full-color pictures, the images have a warm, orange filter overlay, so they still stay true to their color scheme.

EHW's color scheme directs your eye to the orange color amidst the black and white.

EHW’s website is also very responsive. Whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or phone, their great web design stays intact and it’s just as easy to navigate.

So the next time you want to treat yourself (or your dog) to something fancy, think about You’ll get a great product and help change the world at the same time. It’s a win-win!