Wednesday Websites We Love | Soulstice

Having a bad day and feel like blowing something up? Don’t do that! Instead, visit, push the big red button, and KA-BAM!! I don’t know why, but there’s something satisfying in blowing things up and this site gives you the hands-on opportunity to do it yourself. This simple, yet gratifying website is this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.


A great microsite campaign by the Old Spice marketing team. is a microsite campaign built by the Old Spice marketing team. It’s a good example of how a simple idea can ‘go viral’ and increase brand awareness with a minimal up-front cost. People also love to see the fun, human side of a business. Microsite campaigns like offer a great opportunity to do this because they allow you to get creative and show off your business’s personality with less side effects. Since microsites are typically separate from your main site, they are easily detachable if for some reason the campaign doesn’t work. However when done right, the payoff is substantial.


Microsite campaigns tend to have a ‘viral’ effect leading to more shares and views, thus pulling in new audiences. As I mentioned, there’s a little bit in all of us that loves blowing things up (especially if you’re having a shit-tastic day and need a good release). This universal need to blow things up is what makes it so popular. So when millions of people use this site (including people who don’t even use Old Spice products) it creates a lot of buzz for Old Spice and reaches those untouched audiences.


Press the button and watch the explosion you create. is also an example of how microsite campaigns doesn’t need to necessarily relate directly to your product. There’s more creative freedom when it comes to microsites. In this case, you can equate the feeling of blowing things up to Old Spice products, which would hard to convey without this interactive microsite.


So don’t be afraid to let your business’s personality show with a microsite campaign. They can be simply executed, cost little money, and draw in a lot of people.