Why Your Business Needs both SEO & Local SEO

Lets face it, the yellow pages are dead and most people are spending money at businesses they find on their smart phones. What most people don’t realize is that the search results that search engines, like Google, return to a phone are drastically different than those on a desktop computer. Mobile searches are heavily influenced by location, which is provided by the GPS sensor in the phone. This provides more relevant results for surfers, and a much easier SEO landscape for business owners. No longer do you have to compete with the entire planet for search terms, but instead, just with the businesses in your immediate area.

By utilizing Local SEO you can ensure that your business is at the top of the list when a potential customer is searching for your services. This won’t generate thousands of hits per day, but the hits that you do receive will much more likely turn into paying customers.

What does it take to excel at Local SEO? It’s surprisingly not that complicated. Your local SEO score is based heavily on the following (though there are many other factors):

  1. Business Location in relation to the user.
  2. Confirmed & accurately completed Business Profile.
  3. Domain authority (SEO quality) of the business website.
  4. Connecting the Business Profile to the business websites, social media pages.
  5. Social Reviews on the Business Profile
  6. Text / Wording on the Business Profile
  7. Consistency between other major web listings (Yelp, Google Local, etc)

At Blueshoon, we don’t only build websites, but we manage SEO / Local SEO for existing websites as well. Click here to contact us so we can help you get more business!.

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