Why You Need to Stop Hiring Web Developers and Start Outsourcing

Web development firms around the world, take note: you need to stop hiring more web developers.

It’s a curious bit of advice to give to a web development company, but the road to success isn’t always the most obvious one. Companies interested in getting an edge on their competition may be better served by outsourcing their web developers.

We know that outsourcing might seem like a dirty word for some web development firms. After all, you want to expand your business and grow your team, and hiring an in-house developer is cheaper than outsourcing anyway, right?

In truth, it may not be.

There’s no denying that contracted wages for outsourced developers tend be higher due to their experience and expertise, but don’t be fooled by the numbers. Outsourcing your web development can help save on your bottom line in ways not possible with in-house web developers.

In-House Tribulations

Don’t be one of those people who only looks at the bottom line while failing to see the big picture with your hiring decisions.

Sure, in-house employees are cheaper by the hour, but don’t forget that they’ll need to be trained. This training costs your company money in the way of time spent by both your developer and your trainer. This is time that can’t be billed to your clients and is effectively lost as an investment in the future success of your new employee. Outsourced employees come trained and ready for action right out of the gate.

Now, as we all know, new employees will make mistakes. It’s part of the process, but it can also get expensive. Eventually you’ll get them trained to the point where they’ll start generating revenue without the need to absorb losses, but this is a slow burn compared to the lightning-quick results that prepared outsourced web development can provide, particularly for smaller start-ups whose growth depends on faster results than a several year investment of time will provide.

Let’s not forget to mention the infrastructure changes that come with new hires; employees on the payroll create additional tax issues that take time and money to manage, and create more liability on the part of the company. Outsourced providers require little extra bookkeeping paperwork and can be hired without the assumption of responsibility for all of their actions.

Primed for Success

So far we’ve reviewed the various ways that outsourcing can save on your bottom line, but one of the biggest reasons to outsource is also one of the most obvious—their skills.

Unfortunately, no matter how naturally gifted your new hire may be, it’s a safe bet that an outsourced developer with years of contracting experience will be able to meet your needs better.

The outsourcing format provides opportunities to grow by adapting skillsets to meet the needs of multiple clients. This can inform their development with a competitive advantage that just can’t be found with your new-kid-on-the-block hire. The outsourced firms have likely worked with your competitors too, bringing you the insider knowledge on how to bring something new to the table that others currently aren’t.

Outsourcing may not be a popular option for the firms that want to keep their staff close to home, but there’s no denying the benefits to revenue, work capabilities, and competitive advantage that outsourced web developers can provide. They’re efficient, streamlined, and capable of providing instant results to your web development company.

Why wait?

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