What is ESP Integration and How Can it Help My Business?

Attention all businesses looking to make a buck: have you tried using ESP?

No, we’re not talking about the type of ESP that involves hiring a team of spoon benders with power crystals to predict the future of your business. We’re talking about a different kind of ESP here, one that’s proven to work and doesn’t require you to buy a Ouija board.

The Value of Email Service Providers

It doesn’t take a psychic to see the value of integrated ESP.

Email Service Providers (ESP) are companies that provide email marketing and distribution services for your business. Think of it like outsourcing your email marketing to a team equipped with the technology and infrastructure necessary to make it a breeze. Their services integrate with your platform to give you the tools necessary to custom-tailor your email marketing to specific audiences.

Examples of these services can include:

  • Subscriber lists with custom fields for targeted messaging based on filters
  • Analytic reviews of email responses to judge the efficacy of your email marketing
  • Spam filter testing against known factors to prevent your marketing materials from being blocked
  • Marketing program planning and assessment of strategies to maximize ROI

The benefits go on and on, depending on what service provider you choose. For small businesses dipping their toe into the waters of online email marketing, ESPs can provide a competitive edge and let you focus on the more demanding aspects of your business. This is all assuming your ESP is integrated correctly, of course.

The true value of ESP systems will only be seen when the system of data collecting, reporting, and deliverability are customized to your unique business needs.

ESP integration isn’t about just slapping an extension on your website and calling it a day. The true value of ESP systems will only be seen when the system of data collecting, reporting, and deliverability are customized to your unique business needs. This personalization is what drives the value of ESP—real time reporting lets businesses adjust their marketing strategies on the fly. This feedback is essential for A/B testing of concepts and email messages, all with the end goal of more targeted and efficient marketing.

Proper Platform Integration

Integrating your ESP with your site’s back-end functionality is no small feat.

ESPs rely on efficient communication between each level of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The core functionalities of ESP services (email creation, automated messages, and testing capabilities) fall apart without support. And more extensive functionality like list management, customer metric analysis, and aggregating databases of records? Forget about it.

To see the best results from your ESP integration, don’t try to tackle the process alone. As we touched on in our discussion of CRM systems, your ESP interface is a delicate creature that can turn easily turn on you. Incorrectly installed ESPs may leave you with automated marketing blasts that fail to launch, or worse yet, over perform and spam your users with masses of messages. Trust us on this—nothing will turn your marketing prospects off quicker.

Professional Integrators

While integrating an ESP into your marketing campaign is likely a good strategy for your growing business, a qualified web development firm must be involved in the process. These experts can guide you through the integration and provide insight into which service features are available for your operation.

The value of ESPs can be substantial, but the strategy must be approached carefully. Assess your business needs, determine whether an automated strategy may benefit you, and speak with a professional developer who is familiar with the process. ESP integration won’t make you psychic, but it will provide you with the tools necessary to connect with and better understand your customers.

Hey, same thing, right?