Wednesdays Sandwiches We Love

Don’t worry, we haven’t been hacked. This week, instead of talking about a website, we’re going to talk about sandwiches. Since Blueshoon is located in Chicago and there are so many amazing sandwiches in this city, we feel a deep responsibility to tell you about them.

All of us at Blueshoon have our own favorites and the winners are…


The Fried Chicken Sandwich | Big Jones

The Fried Chicken Sandwich from Big Jones

This little guy is comprised of deep fried, battered chicken thigh. (DARK MEAT!) A thick coating of  homemade mayo, southern chow chow (a re-donk pickled relish), and a sheet of useless baby lettuce. If there wasn’t mayo on the lettuce, I’d recommend sliding it out and throwing it over your shoulder. The bun is the same as the burger and honestly, I’d eat a converse all-star if it was nestled between this bad boy.

The chicken is perfectly fried and the breading cock-slaps you with flavor. If the Colonel has 11 herbs and spices, this bitch is running on at least 20.



The Ham and Cheese | Diner Grill

My favorite sandwiches tend to have three, maybe four complementary ingredients stacked between two slices of the best bread for the job. I love the Dagwoods too, but there’s an art to finding harmony in a handful of ingredients. My preferred version of this is probably the pimiento cheese sandwich from Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. Pimiento cheese, bacon, and tomatoes on wheat bread. It’s perfect.

But we’re limiting this to Chicago, so I’ll go with the sandwich I eat more than any other, the ham and cheese from the Diner Grill. It’s extremely simple: white bread on a flat top with American cheese, thick-cut ham, and yellow mustard. A classic diner sandwich elevated by the chunky ham and light toast/char on the bread. I love so many sandwiches but this one’s definitely my comfort food.


Sandwich Camembert | Kopi Cafe (Andersonville)

My vote is for the Sandwich Camembert with tomato and avocado at Kopi Cafe in Andersonville.  Kopi is kind of a hippie/granola place that’s vegetarian friendly. I like their laid back vibe and their simple but fresh and delicious food. Their coffee is excellent too!  I love the Camembert sandwich because I love cheese! Especially the creamy, soft and stinky kind 🙂  It comes on this awesome crusty baguette with spicy Dijon mustard. You have the option to add tomato and avocado (which I always do). I loved it so much after the first time I had it, I had to reproduce it at home.


The Italian Grinder | Costello’s

The Italian Grinder from Costello’s

I’m a sucker for Italian sandwiches and they’re not all created equal. If you looking for a great Italian sandwich in Chicago, Costello’s is your place. This place specializes in sandwiches and they know their shit. The Italian Grinder consists of genoa salami, capicola, ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, garlic mayo, and vinaigrette baked on a sub roll…simply amazing!! This is such a savory sandwich and the garlic mayo is heavenly. Costello’s a cute little sandwich shop in Roscoe Village, but they also have a location in Lincoln Square.


The Mayor | Kitchen Sink

The Mayor from Kitchen Sink

The Mayor at Kitchen Sink in Edgewater is fabulous. Unbelievable. Nothing expensive or trendy or fancy, but it’s ridiculously delicious. Turkey, bacon, brie, fig jam, and peanut butter grilled on multi-grain of course.