Wednesday Websites We Love | Unroll Me

Somewhere along the line and gradually over time, we accumulate multiple subscriptions to various websites, companies, etc. Before you know it, you have 10 new emails in your inbox every time you check it. If you’re like me, you end up deleting all of them until it becomes a tedious chore. That’s why this week, Unroll.Me is this week’s Wednesday Website We

Unroll Me is an awesome free tool that allows you to mass-unsubscribe to unwanted email subscriptions. All you do is sign up and they scan your inbox for all your subscriptions. Then they list everything you’re subscribed to and you can simply go down the list and click “unsubscribe” to everything you don’t want. And that’s it! 

Unroll Me scans your inbox and finds all your subscriptions.

Just click unsubscribe and you'll never get spam mail from those guys again!

They also give you the option to “Rollup” the subscriptions you do want. This creates one digest-style email containing all your subscription emails, which cuts down on emails even further. You can also add to your rollup whenever you want. And don’t worry, they won’t send you junk mail, that would just be a dick-move on their part.

We also like Unroll Me for their web design. At Blueshoon, we constantly preach simplicity in web design because people respond to it more positively. Unroll Me’s design is extremely simplistic using a color block layout with lots of whitespace to separate information. This allows users to focus on one point at a time. They also utilize icons in addition to minimal copy to explain how they work. The UX on this site is extremely well done and they guide you through the process in a stepwise manner.

It’s such a great feeling once your inbox is clean. You’ll also be less afraid of the “subscribe” button!