Wednesday Websites We Love | Trello

In a world where chaos reigns, no one’s on the same page, and you constantly hear the words, “I never got the memo,” one website set out to change all that and save the world from disorganization. It’s name is Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.

Example of a Trello board. is a free card-based project management tool that makes a project visually easy to understand. First, you start with a board. The board usually represents a specific project (A website redesign, an audit project, a marketing campaign, etc.). Within the board, you have lists which represent different facets of the project. Within each list, there are cards. These cards can serve a variety of different purposes whether it’s a specific task assigned to someone or just a place to share information. Trello is great for businesses but it’s also useful for personal use like planning trips, weddings, or even chores.

Compared to popular alternatives, Trello is extremely simple to use and offers great tools to keep complex endeavors organized. (They even have a cute mascot named Taco who’s a siberian husky that helps you learn Trello!) Within each card, you can create checklists, add due dates, add specific members, and add attachments. You can even color-code cards which helps to simplify the organization even more. For example, you can assign a color to a person so when they open the board, they can look for their color to see exactly what cards pertain to them.

Taco: Trello's mascot.

Fantastic front-end development is what really makes this website so user-friendly. Its drag and drop feature helps the user easily rearrange their board. They also offer keyboard shortcuts to save you time. Furthermore, as the board’s admin, you can enable “card aging” mode which will visually age a card that hasn’t been used for a while making it look like old, worn paper﹘that’s so cool!

So whether you’re taking on a complex marketing campaign or planning a camping trip for you and your buddies, is a great tool for laying out every step in a visually clear way. With everyone connected to one board, miscommunication will be history! The end.