Wednesday Websites We Love to Laugh At | Invisible Girlfriend / Invisible Boyfriend

At first, I thought these websites were a joke. However after careful review, I can assure you that and its partner service,, are very real. They’re so real that we had to change the name of our regular installment of WWWL (Wednesday Websites We Love) to WWWLTLA (Wednesday Websites We Love to Laugh At), just for this week. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll focus solely on for this blog post, but keep in mind that is exactly the same (and just as delusional).

Invisible Girlfriend is a freemium website that provides “believable social proof” that you have a girlfriend. So how does it work? You basically invent a girlfriend. You can choose her name, what she looks like, how old she is, her interests, how you met, and her personality…all to your liking. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because she’s not. Basically, you’re paying someone to catfish you.

This is what an invisible girlfriend's profile looks like.

What kind of “Social Proof” do you receive to make people think your girlfriend is real? In addition to a selfie, you can text in real-time with an actual human being pretending to be your girlfriend. However, there is a limit to how much free texting you get before they charge you. And sorry creep-o’s, there’s no sexting (Doing so will get your account suspended). You can also receive personalized notes, voicemails, and gifts. As of right now, Facebook pages are not available but apparently they’re working on incorporating that functionality.

Despite the website’s absurdity, the design and development are actually pretty good. The site’s UX design is clean and easy to follow. They make great use of typography and whitespace, giving the design a clean look. The backend development is also well-developed, including a “girlfriend name generator” and “how we met story generator.” From what we can tell, there are some pretty tech-savvy people who work here.

Invisible Girlfriend Mad Libs. Just fill in the blanks...

FYI, all of us at Blueshoon are very non-judgmental people, but you have to admit that creating a business that encourages people to be delusional is kind of hilarious. The truly funny thing about this website is that it exists, and that’s why it’s this week’s Wednesday Website We Love to Laugh At.