Wednesday Websites We Love | Spinanyc

It’s that time of year — wedding season! Weddings come in a lot of styles: modern, simple, sci-fi themed, rustic…you name it, it’s been done. Not to be superficial, but here at Blueshoon, one thing we love in a website is beautiful web design, which is why is this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.'s front page hero image.’s simple, photo-driven design is what this website does best. Spina specializes in modern-style wedding planning and floral arrangements, and their site’s modern, fresh design intelligently reflects this. This full-width website makes use of professional, high-quality photography which naturally grabs your attention and fills you with awe. The site also contains sub-navigation below the main menu, which is a little unorthodox, but it works and the usability doesn’t suffer. delivers some pretty cool features. Under “Services,” when you click “Next” the page automatically scrolls to the next service they do. Additionally, when you hover over photos, the colors transition from frosted to full-color. This helps the user visually break up a page full of images that are side by side. Their online store is also clean and easy to use.'s online shop is very clean and beautiful.

One thing this website fails to address is mobile responsiveness. These days with mobile users exceeding desktop users, mobile friendly sites are a must.

Overall, is a great example of beautiful, inspiring design. It’s always refreshing to see full-width sites that uses vivid photography. It’s too bad Spina is located in New York and not Chicago!