Wednesday Websites We Love | Soul-Reaper

Here at Blueshoon, we are all nerds. Not only are we tech nerds, we also love gaming, Star Wars (at least some of us), and comic books. The only thing better than general nerdery in our book is the combination of slick web development and comic books, which is why is this week’s Wednesday Websites We Love.

The web design on Soul Reaper is awesome


Soul Reaper is a digital comic book that uses HTML5, which is a new version of HTML that allows for greater multimedia capabilities without the use of plugins like Flash. HTML5 can be read by any new browser and, unlike Flash, is viewable on mobile sites. In addition to its responsiveness, it is more lightweight when compared to Flash, eliminating large files that take longer to load (bringing faster access to comic books on any device).


The web development is cutting-edge.


Soul Reaper takes advantage of HTML5’s abilities in many different ways. One of our favorites is the scroll-activated features, as you scroll down the page the scenes play frames of an animation. You can also turn on “Couchmode” and the site will read and animate the story for you. In addition to the great web development, we find that the coolest part of the site is the narrator reading the book in an ominous tone with haunting music and sound effects in the background.

We love that the internet has brought us instant access to movies, games, and even comic books. Soul Reaper’s web developer has taken the web comic genre a step further and revolutionized the way they are displayed. You can expect to see more sites follow this trend. So if you want to be dazzled by cool new technology and watch a comic book in action, visit and check out the first issue!