Wednesday Websites We Love | Noisli

Have you ever tried to write a blog post or read an article at work when your co-workers are telling stories, laughing, or playing Pandora at full volume? Not so easy, huh? It can be challenging to get things done when the world is so full of distractions and lets face it, ADD gets the best of all of us at some point. That’s why is this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.

Noisli homepage: great example of simple design. is a free white noise generator that offers a variety of different soundscapes like thunderstorm, gusting wind, crashing waves, blowing fan, so many others. The best part is you can combine soundscapes to create your ideal atmosphere and save them as favorites. You can also adjust the volume of each sound if, for example, you want to hear more bonfire than rustling leaves. Noisli also offers a distraction-free text editor for you to write in while listening to your soundscape. I’m actually using it right now to create this blog!

Noisli text-editor.

Noisli isn’t just for work though. Here in Chicago, things can get a bit hectic and it’s nice to escape the city every now and then. You can play it while you sleep, relax, or read your favorite novel and pretend you’re somewhere else. There’s even an option to set a timer.

Noisli soundscape timer.

The front-end design of this website if pretty genius. The point is to make your life easier and the web design reflects this simplicity. There’s very little text, tons of white space, and images of each sound (leaves, rain cloud, waves, etc.) that you click on to start the soundscape. Also, the background color on each page seamlessly fades into another color throughout your visit, which is pretty cool.

Overall, this is a wonderful example of how a website doesn’t have to go over the top to reach their audience. delivers a brilliant, valuable tool to help manage distractions in our everyday lives. And it’s free!