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The internet has changed the way we get our news for bad (Chicago Tribune’s paywall) and good. The range of stories that are now reported is jaw-dropping and this week’s Wednesday Websites We Love is one of the sites devoted to the best stories, Narratively.

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We love the concept behind Narratively even more than the website design, which is saying a lot. Their weekly focus on a theme and commitment to telling each story with the appropriate medium and length is exemplary. It’s difficult to tear yourself away from reading story after story. For example, last week’s theme, ‘Quest for the Holy Grail,’ included stories on swimming holes in Texas, emerald hunting in Brazil, and battling AIDS in Africa with hand-crank radios.

When you select a story, you’re immediately told how long it will take you to read the story or that it’s a video. Once you begin the story, it’s easy to get sucked in. The writing is conversational and well done (as it should be). Stories are accompanied by video or photos presented within the content.


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The website design is clean and elegant. Menus appear when they’re needed and disappear when the reader is focused on the content. Story publishing is managed using Marquee, a content management system (CMS).

The website is responsive and easy to read on mobile devices. We’re bookmarking this one for reading while on the train! The content produced by Narratively is what first attracted us to the website, however the clean website design is what has made it this week’s Wednesday Websites We Love.