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As many of us here in Chicago know, biking is one of the best ways to get around this city. A lot of us bike to work or bike for fun, taking scenic routes like the lake shore trail. However, there’s only a few places in Chicago where you can truly get that rural, nature-like atmosphere. If you really want to enjoy a scenic, peaceful bike ride in the great outdoors, Crested Butte in the Gunnison Valley is where you want to be.

Mtb homepage - a great example of clean web design

With its beautiful mountainous backdrop, Colorado’s Crested Butte offers more than 150 trails which can be a bit daunting to traverse without a guide. This is why this week, we love because we’re bike and website design nerds!

This website not only gives you detailed descriptions about each trail, but it also offers videos of people actually biking the trail. Best of all, the site offers a downloadable app that acts as an interactive trail guide that maps each trail from start to finish. There are different trail types like “Bicycle-Only,” “Hike-Only,” “ATV-Only,” etc. Each trail type is color-coded so you know which trail to take. Additionally, the complexity of each trail is designated from “Easiest” to “Extreme” so you can choose a trail that’s right for you.

CBGTrails Map App - An interactive trail guide.

When I visited, the first thing I noticed was their use of vibrant, hi-res images to show their audience the scenery. Based on the product or service you’re selling, this isn’t always an appropriate layout. In MTBhome’s case, there is no better way to sell the scenery than to show it. I think this is a great way to immediately capture your visitor’s attention and compel them to learn more.

I also love their user-friendly navigation. Not only is their navigation clearly displayed at the top of the homepage, it is also reiterated in the body of the page. The website design is responsive and looks great on almost any device. Overall, this website is easy to use and beautifully designed.

So, if you’re sick of biking Chicago’s lakefront for the 100th time and have your eye’s set on the great outdoors, check out It has everything you need to plan your trip to Crested Butte and that’s why it’s this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.