Wednesday Websites We Love | Me Undies

I’m not going to lie, I own a pair of dachshund-themed socks and they’re my favorite pair. As most of you know, we are major nerds here at Blueshoon and we love buying themed-underwear. We also know there are others out there like us and that’s why is this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.

Me Undies homepage features hi-res, professional photography. is an online store that sells underwear. Although underwear may seem like a boring thing to sell, they really know how to put a creative spin on their marketing. Every month, Me Undies features a “Design of the Month” with a fun video to accompany it. Their latest design, “The Rocking Dead” (based off “The Walking Dead”), is a fun design with a fake horror movie trailer to go along with it.

Me Undies produces a fun video to accompany their "Design of the Month."

We also love Me Undies clean, photo-driven web design. This full-width website shows off its hi-res, professional photography, which tends to draw users in more. Their website’s design is also responsive and works well on a mobile device. The online store’s layout is very clean and easy to use. They even give you photographic details on the underwear you’re about to purchase.

Photographic details of their product.

In addition to their beautiful online store, they offer a monthly subscription service. As a member, you receive the “Design of the Month” underwear in the mail every month. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, online monthly subscription services are a great way to build a successful business without a brick and mortar store. For more information, see our article on Dollar Shave Club.

These days, everyone wants to know what goes into the products they buy. The factory page answers this question very creatively by featuring full-width videos showing the production process. However, it’s also a good idea to make this a subpage rather than the homepage. Although being visually fascinating, this type of page may not work well with every internet connection and your message could go unnoticed.

Me Undies' factory page features full-width videos to explain their production process.