Wednesday Websites We Love | Imgur

Have you ever been browsing your Facebook feed and see a funny meme or video that your friend posted and thought, “Where do they find these??” Have you ever been to Imgur? There’s a 50% chance your friend finds them there (or they find it on Reddit which then links to Imgur).That’s why this week, is the Wednesday Website We Love.

Imgur is a media sharing website where you can find the most current, viral media on the internet.

Imgur (pronounced “image-er”) is a media-sharing website (images, videos, and animated GIFs) that offers the internet’s most current, viral material. You can even sign up and upload your own content. You can also create memes using images already on Imgur or one you upload yourself. This is also a great way to find crazy, humorous content for your business’s social media marketing (assuming your business has a sense of humor).

Imgur is similar to Reddit in that media is sorted based on likes, dislikes, and number of views. When you “like” an image (or video, or GIF), it gets one point. “Disliking” the image subtracts a point. Thus, the picture like the one below has 3,759 points…and counting.

Never underestimate the popularity of weird.

They also have a daily section of “Best Comments,” that are based on up-voting and down-voting. The top 3 comments of the day are labeled with gold, silver, and bronze annotations. Another cool feature is their “Past Images” search with lets you choose a specific date or use the slider to go back “X” number of days.

Imgur has a cool widget for finding older media.

Basically, Imgur is like Reddit for visual media and even allows you to post media to Reddit, among many other social platforms. So if you haven’t checked out yet, do it now! It’s at least good for a laugh. Just be warned: it can be addicting!