Wednesday Websites We Love | Ideas in Food

If you like cooking or baking, you have to bookmark this website. There’s an abundance of food out there and countless ways to prepare it. However, it’s hard to get creative with your recipes without ruining the final product. Wouldn’t it be nice to get free, professional cooking advice that offers innovative, effective techniques? That’s what Ideas in Food is all about and that’s why it’s this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.

Ideas in Food logo.
Ideas in Food is a blog created by culinary consultants, Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot. Together, they consult with bakers, chefs, restaurants, and other food services to help them express their culinary creativity. Their technique, as they state, is “based on the premise that a solid understanding of science and technique coupled with high quality ingredients, modern equipment, and innovative approaches to cooking makes anything possible.” They frequently speak at professional food conferences, have appeared on numerous cooking shows, and have published three books.

Like the website we reviewed last week, we’re not judging this site on their design or development, but rather their unique content. Ideas in Food was originally meant as a “lab notebook” to record their work. It’s now hailed a “Culinary Science” blog and has even gained a cult following.

One unique aspect of this blog is that beneath every post is a list of blog posts they released on that day in years past. So today, I can look back to posts they wrote on October, 14th of 2014, 2013, 2012, all the way back to 2005 when they started this blog.

Ideas in Food is a culinary science blog.
The blog also features an amazing photo gallery of their work. Their final products are professionally photographed and you can see just how unique their style is. I mean, who would think to pair ice cream and caviar?!

Ideas in Food features a professionally photographed photo gallery.
Every post is different and offers expert tips to add to your culinary knowledge bank. We love websites that regularly offer free, professional advice and bring something new to the table (no pun intended).