Wednesday Websites We Love | Colossal

The bold and breathtaking. The odd and unusual. The creative and awe-inspiring…it’s all at Colossal.  Here at Blueshoon, we really appreciate the world of art and the variety of forms it comes in. That’s why this week, is this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.

Colossal is like an online art museum featuring art from all over the world.
Colossal is an online art blog created by Christopher Jobson, who is from our very own city of Chicago. Colossal explores the world of art in many forms including photography, design, architecture, sculpting, and many others. They also blog about natural beauty in the world and in science. Colossal can almost be described as an online art museum featuring art from all over the world.

Whether you’re apart of the art world or just appreciate art, this blog can be very inspiring and allow you to see what’s out there. No matter what type of art they blog about, there’s one thing all pieces have in common: creativity. Creativity is an art itself and it’s very eye-opening to see the things people can create.

One thing I find particularly special about this blog is their telling of the stories behind the artwork. An artist’s work often comes from someplace. For example, Kirsty Mitchell is a fine art photographer who crafted and shot a series of photographs inspired by her mother who passed away due to a brain tumor. Her mother was an English teacher and storyteller. Kirsty created the “Wonderland” series in her honor as well as a way to deal with her grief.

Colossal tells the stories behind the art.
Most of the images are hi-def and they even feature animated gifs to show mechanical art in motion. They also feature a top 20 list of the most popular articles, which they do emphasize isn’t a ranking of who’s best, but rather the articles with the most views. Colossal also has an online store featuring a variety of art created by artists. You’re guaranteed to find something unique here.

Colossal includes animated gifs to show mechanical art in motion.
So if you’re looking for your daily dose of creativity or just want to see something cool, visit to see something new everyday.