Wednesday Websites We Love | ColorHexa

Although we don’t think about color too much, it has a huge psychological impact on us everyday. Red conveys power and leadership. Green: wealth and calmness. Blue: friendliness and trust. But what about the in-betweens? There’s more than just Green; there’s blue-green, lime-green, emerald green, sea green, and many, many more. All the designers at Blueshoon agree that is an amazing color tool and that’s why it’s this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.

ColorHexa is basically an online color encyclopedia and color converter. You can enter a color into the search field using its hex code, rgb value, cmyk value, or any other type of color value. If you look in the “Examples” section, it will tell you exactly how to enter a specific color space value.

ColorHexa provides a plethora of information on any color.

When you enter a color into the search field, you get a plethora of information including the color’s name. In the screenshot above, you can see all the information on #27ff20 (AKA vivid lime green). ColorHexa tells you the percentage of each individual color that comprises that color in a variety of color spaces. I know that sounds convoluted so here’s an example: In an RGB color space, our vivid lime green color consists of 15.3% red, 100% green and 12.5% blue.

ColorHexa also shows you the different shades and tones of a color. Another great feature is that ColorHexa will show you what any color looks like to someone who is colorblind. For all the web designers out there, ColorHexa also has a library of 216 web-safe colors.

ColorHexa also gives you a list of color conversions. This is useful if you’re working between color spaces and need to know a color’s equivalent. Some of the conversions are rarely used (e.g. CIE-LCH or binary) but it’s there if you need it. For web designers, this is a great way to find the web-safe version of any color.

ColorHexa will create multiple color palettes for any color.

Colorhexa also generates color palettes for you. You can see what colors are complimentary to our vivid lime green among other color schemes. This is great when designers are developing mood boards or creating logos. You can also use ColorHexa to blend colors and create gradients.

If you’re a graphic or web designer, you need to bookmark this site!