Wednesday Websites We Love | Aquarium Drunkard

If there’s one thing Rolling Stone Magazine can’t do, it’s play music. Now that people are getting their magazines and newspapers online, it opens old media up to new possibilities. Back in college, I loved reading album reviews in music magazines and discovering new music and classic, hard-to-find, overlooked gems. The only problem was finding a way to listen to all that rare and vintage music without digging through garage sales and dusty record bins. That’s why is this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.

Aquarium Drunkard is where you'll find those rare, hard-to-find gems.
We’re not featuring Aquarium Drunkard because on its design or development; We’re talking about it because of its unique content. Aquarium Drunkard is an audio blog featuring in-depth articles, reviews, audio samples, and even video jam sessions. According to its creator Justin Gage, “The Drunkard bridges contemporary sounds with vintage garage, psych, folk, country, soul, funk, r&b and beyond.”

You can find a plethora of song and album reviews here including audio clips of the songs being reviewed. If you’re a fan of music history, this is a great website to get lost in and discover music you can’t find anywhere online.

If you're a fan of music history, you have to check out Aquarium drunkard.
Despite the typical setup of a blog, the posts on AD are not written by one person. There are a variety of contributors; some of them being notable musicians! If you can’t get enough of Aquarium Drunkard, they even have a 2-hour radio show every Friday on Sirus XMU radio on channel 35.