Wednesday Websites We Love | 20×200

Are you in need of some artwork for your walls? Or, changed your furniture and need to swap out some of the pictures in your room? We feel your pain. In the quest for Pinterest-worthy interior designs, one of Blueshoon’s staff members found this week’s Wednesday Websites We Love, 20×200.

20x200 homepage, clean web design

Let’s start with the first reason we love them, their mission. We love companies that have used the internet (and websites) to change how goods or services are traditionally bought and sold. 20×200 is an online gallery for young artists, offering them an opportunity to sell more work and giving consumers an easier way to find art that fits both their walls and budget.

But, this isn’t a weekly series dedicated to companies with missions we love (a few have definitely made the list at this point). 20×200 has a website design supporting their mission, making it easy to find a piece you love and buy it. The first thing we love about this design is how clean it is. What do we mean when we say clean? The pages aren’t cluttered with text and menu bars, focusing on the product they are trying to sell. The color scheme is simple, light blue headers, orange buttons, and grayscale text.

A simple, restrained check out process = good website design

The clean design carries through to the check-out process. There isn’t anything to distract a customer while they are checking out the art. In addition, they’ve made sure to logically lay out form fields and vary font weights to help users navigate the site.

One of the other things we like about 20×200, is that you don’t have to buy the big print. In Chicago we have lots of small walls that need to be filled too. We can buy a print that’s 8 x 10, 14 x 11 , or a 30 x 40 piece that will fill your whole wall.

6315 shopping
We love when a great website design is supporting a company that we love. That’s why this week’s Wednesday Website’s We Love is 20×200.