The Best Way to Work White Label Web Development Into Your Proposal

As marketers who receive the benefits of white label web development, you know better than anyone that dedicated web developers have the ideal infrastructure to create with the efficiency, quality, and experience that can’t be matched by many in-house teams. You know it, and we know it. But how do you make your clients know it?

If you want to get prospective clients on board with the web development services you offer, your goal is to make it clear that despite being a marketing company, you’re the web development expert. You should stress the pitfalls associated with amateur web development and give examples of how your services can be applied to save the client time, increase efficiency, and pad the bottom line.

Explain the Benefits of What You Offer

As with any aspect of your proposal, the first step of selling your service is to explain exactly what the client will be getting. For the white label web development that your business receives, you’ll want to make it clear that the work you provide is informed by competitive experience and can offer levels of quality that can’t be beat.

  • What you offer is web design, not mere page manufacturing. Proper web development requires dedication and creativity.
  • They will receive a professionally-made, quality product that is beyond what they can produce on their own.
  • Stress the time and productivity savings that can be found from firms that offer comprehensive web development and marketing services.
  • Discretion—nobody needs to know that they’ve outsourced these services. With their own brand on the label, their company’s legitimacy and public image can be enhanced with the professional services you offer.

Provide Research

But your client has probably heard all of this before; merely throwing them a sales pitch won’t be enough to win them over. You’ll need to provide concrete, researched statistics that prove what you offer is what they need.

  • According to Kinesis Inc., users form opinions of web pages in .05 seconds. Can you risk giving a poor first impression?
  • Keynote’s 2012 Mobile User Survey revealed that 94% of users cited poor web design as the reason they mistrusted a web site—not something you want your brand associated with.

Mention the Pitfalls

Numbers are great and all, but they often fail to paint a picture of the real-life impact that our choices can have. This is where highlighting the drawbacks of failing to go with your service comes into play.

  • Investments in research and time are necessary for firms to keep up with the fast-paced innovations of web development. These investments can become costly for businesses not optimized to perform them.
  • The lack of specialization of your team will result in a product that can’t compete with the output of versatile and experienced development staff.
  • You’ll be missing out on the fresh perspectives and new ideas that can be found from bringing more people on board.

Provide an Outline and Call to Action

Once you’ve hammered in all the reasons that your service is necessary, the final thrust will be your call to action. This is where you can provide the basic outline for how you plan to help your client achieve their goals.

All Together Now

This plan shouldn’t be comprehensive, (we’re still in the proposal stage, after all) but giving the client an outline of the process works as a sneak preview for what value you can bring to their project, whether or not you make use of white label web development. It also demonstrates that you’re ready to take action at a moment’s notice to provide them with what they need.