Our Latest Project | Chevys

Recently, we had the chance to work with one of our favorite, long-term clients, RealMex Restaurants. The best websites today are inviting and simple and that’s just what we did with Chevys.com.

Chevys Homepage

The new site is much cleaner and easier to navigate compared to the old site. We also gave it a brighter, more colorful, fresh feel that is meant to emulate the feeling of a lively Mexican restaurant. After a careful audit, we were able to simplify the site by consolidating pages and removing clutter so visitors get a better understanding of what Chevys offers more quickly.

A restaurant needs its patrons to be able to find them easily, so we dedicated extra time to generating a more robust, straightforward restaurant locator. We worked with RealMex’s partners, InMoment and Donde, to help users find the restaurants more easily and also give Chevys better analytics on who their audience is. From there, RealMex set up each individual restaurant page that tells you specific details of that particular restaurant.

Chevys restaurant locator

One of the first things a waiter hears when he or she approaches a table is, “What are the specials?” Because we know this, we’ve added a “Specials” feed to the homepage which helps to draw in more customers who otherwise might not come.

In their previous website, Chevys.com used a WordPress plugin that was poorly supported and extremely buggy. We replaced it with a more stable plugin making the site more lightweight and faster to load which is extremely important when today’s user will often desert a website with lengthy loading times.

Overall, the end result is a website that is tailored to specific users and locations. It is vital in web design and web development to know your audience and that was our aim with this project. In the past, we’ve updated Eltorito.com which is another restaurant chain owned by RealMex. We’ve greatly enjoyed collaborating with both of these companies because the people we worked with are very nice, responsive, and smart!