Does Your Business Need an On-Demand Web Management Team?

It’s a common scenario. Your business has a website and a handful of marketing pages and you need someone reliable to handle your updates and special requests. The thought of hiring a full time ‘web person’ to help out, but you don’t have nearly enough consistent work to justify the cost. You’ve been burned before by ‘freelancers’ who steadily become less reliable and responsive.

What do you do? Take time out of your day to learn web development? Bury your head in the sand and hope that this whole internet thing is a fleeting fad?

Of course not. It sounds like your company is in need of a on-demand web management team.

Blueshoon is one of several companies that offers complete web management for small to medium sized companies. These companies will take full control of the following tasks.

  1. Web site development.
  2. Web site content edits.
  3. Web Graphic Design.
  4. Email Marketing configuration.
  5. Affiliate program management.
  6. Web hosting management.
  7. Search Engine Optimization.
  8. Search Engine Marketing (Google adwords.)
  9. Technology consulting.

You would be hard pressed to get competent, United States-based help in all of these areas for less than the price of a competent full-time web developer.

It’s amazing to me how few companies realize that this ia an option. The amount of wasted resources on idle technology employees is easily recoverable. It’s important to reach out to companies that offer these services and at least get an idea of much money you and your business can save.

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