Need a website update? We did.

We’ve been so busy with new clients this past year that we’ve barely updated our own website. Not that we’re complaining — we love all the projects we’ve been able to work on — but it was definitely time for some Blueshoon love. So here it is, our brand new, fancy website. We think it reflects who we are and are super excited that it’s finally up and running.

Speaking of a website update: does your website need one? As part of our new site launch, we’re rolling out a new service menu with an emphasis on providing on-demand website management. We received a lot of feedback from our clients last year and one thing we kept seeing over and over again is that most companies need help maintaining, managing, and updating their websites but they can’t afford or don’t want to hire a full-time person to do the job. We started working with some of these clients on a contract basis where we basically became that employee they need. Instead of one person, they get four people, all with varying skill sets, meaning we help with everything from basic updates and copy editing to web design and custom programming to email support and hosting.

This isn’t a brand new idea. Webmasters have been around as long as the web has been around. But how many stories are out there about webmasters who disappear, who move on to the next thing without warning, who say something can’t be done? To our ears, tons of them. We hear them all the time. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. We’re just trying to fill a gap.

We’ll see how popular the service becomes, but so far it’s been very successful and we hope to convince more of you to take advantage of it.