How to Decide When to Start the Website Redesign Process

As much as you’d like to think that the hard part’s behind you once your website is officially up and running, the truth is that your site launch is only the beginning. Much like remodeling after moving into a new home, the website redesign process starts almost immediately for some, and is impressively procrastinated by others. Since we definitely don’t recommend the latter, there are a few signs you can look for to decide when it’s time to start the process of updating your website design.

You’ve Got Cutting Edge Graphics… from 1998

No claims of “retro” will fly here: a hopelessly outdated website design can’t be mistaken for anything but. If your site has become the digital equivalent of one of those 1970s kitchens with their horrible mustard yellow fridges and stoves that are too ugly to ever come back into style, it’s high time to start the website redesign process.

Appearances aside, if your website looks shabby or dated, it’s only natural for visitors to immediately wonder if your site’s functionality is equally behind the times. And just like no one wants to eat pizza from an oven that’s been gathering grease since the Carter administration, no one really wants to use a website that looks like a 13-year-old built it in his basement, either.

Your Plugins Have Glitched Out

Having about a jillion different plugins out there means your site is endlessly customizable, which is awesome. What’s not as awesome, though, is that each and every one of those little suckers needs regular feeding and maintenance. Over time, plugins become outdated, are no longer supported, or just plain don’t work with modern templates.

This is bad enough from a functionality standpoint, but it’s even worse for your site security. Plugins can be a source of vulnerability, especially if they’re not regularly updated. And too many plugins can cause your site to run way too slowly, causing a spike in your bounce rate. At the risk of stating the obvious, none of these things are good for business.

You’re Ready for the Next Level

Maybe you started out as a static website but you’re ready to start up a business blog. Or maybe you’d like to add a menu to your restaurant’s website, or a shopping cart along with a virtual storefront. Whatever the phrase “taking your site to the next level” means to you, you’re ready to make the leap.

Problem is, your current site architecture may not support that move just yet, which means you’ll have to make a few changes. In the right hands, the website redesign process can be perfectly tailored to meet your ever-changing needs, so each new aspect of your site fits seamlessly with the rest of your design.

Ready to Start Your Redesign?

Just as you wouldn’t start ripping out that old kitchen without hiring a contractor (at least, we hope not!), you shouldn’t start revamping your website design without the guidance of trained professionals. Look for a team that offers a wide range of web development services, and that has the know-how to ensure that your website redesign process goes as smoothly as possible.