How to Cheat on Your Fitbit

Fitbits are good for many reasons. There’s the obvious “keep track of your activity for a healthy lifestyle” reason. Then there’s the companies that give Fitbits to their employees and offer rewards or lower insurance rates for more activity. And of course, there’s the friendship-jeopardizing competitions people have.

I’ll just say it…working out sucks. But you have to work out for Fitbit to count your steps, right? Wrong! Here at Blueshoon, we don’t condone Fitbit-cheating your friends or your company. Anyways, here’s how to cheat on your Fitbit…


Level one: Radiohead

Level 1: Air-drum to a Radiohead song.
Level two: Nirvana

Level 2: Air drum to a Nirvana song.
Level three: Pantera

Level 3: Air drum to a Pantera song.

Let Others Cheat For You

Put it on your dog

As long as your dog isn’t as lazy as you, you should benefit from their steps. You can also play fetch with your dog while you sit on the couch.

Put it on your dog.
Ask your fit friend to wear it

That’s what friends are for.

Give it to your fit friend.
Put it on your kid

Kids are pretty crazy, right?

Put it on any kid.

Ride a CTA Bus

I swear, there are no shock absorbers in those buses.

Take a ride on a bumpy CTA bus.

Watch Sports

Wear it while you watch the Bears game

It’s no secret, the Bears are going to suck this year. If you’re a passionate Bears fan and you watch the games every week, wear your fitbit. You’re bound to make violent hand gestures when Jay Cutler throws an interception(s).

Another thing the Bears do well is getting your hopes up. Last Sunday’s game against Green Bay is a perfect example. The Bears played pretty well during the first half and gave fans a glimmer of hope that maybe this season won’t be as bad as they say…then Cutler threw an interception. They know how to put your emotions on a rollercoaster and when they do, wear that Fitbit!

The Bears will disappoint you.

Play fantasy football

Again, violent hand gestures will happen: good and bad.

Wear it while you play fantasy football.
So as long as the numbers go up, does it matter how you reach your goals? Again, we don’t encourage cheating but if you’re going to cheat, at least be creative about it.