Here Comes Gamification!

From the Gamification Wiki:

“According to a a recent Gartner Research Report it is estimated that by 2015, more than 50 percent of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes.”

We love statistics like this. They reiterate that we’re working with technologies that we not only love, but that are also growing quickly and increasingly becoming standard operating practices for organizations and companies across the web. We deal with gamification on a daily basis running and managing Playboy’s gamified model search, Playboy Miss Social and we’re blown away by what a powerful tool gamification can be. After years of prodding and poking users with obnoxious banners and GIFs, offering unnecessary discounts, and countless other techniques, companies and organizations finally have a tool they can use that dispenses with the annoying carnival banter and instead engages and rewards users for specific behavior. Simply put: gamification makes boring websites fun and engaging.

Gamification ranges from large-scale, interactive sites like Nike+ to small-scale rewards-for-actions enticements like Dropbox’s offer of additional storage when user’s complete tasks such as referring friends or taking intro tours. In the coming years, we’re sure we’ll see tons of examples like these.