Why we love Facebook Tabs

Looking to enrich your Facebook page? Want to provide more custom content or run one-off campaigns for your Facebook fans?

Look no farther than the simple Facebook tab. In 2011, Facebook introduced the I-Frame tab, which essentially allows you embed any webpage (with full functionality) into a tab on your Facebook page. This means that pretty much anything you can do on your webpage, you can do on your Faceboook page!

The possibilities are endless. You can set up a “like-gated” tab (where users must first like your page before viewing the content) with exclusive content–think coupons and giveaways. You can set up email captures, show off new products, expand your about page, display images, make announcements, etc.

And the real beauty is that you have all these new display options and you don’t have to push your Facebook fans anywhere else. You can keep them on your page, engaged and happy, ready to help your business grow!