Custom Web Development vs. WordPress Development

You’ve just started a new business and now you’re ready to launch it. A great website is an absolute must. Do you want custom web development vs. WordPress development, with professional design? You should weigh the options carefully.

Your decision may be based on the size, budget, and needs of your business, the time frame to get the site online, and the functionality needed. Deciding to go with a completely custom site has numerous advantages:

  • Complete design flexibility
  • Shows your commitment to quality
  • Ranks well in search engines
  • Professional technical assistance
  • Timeless appeal of original design
  • Uniqueness shows visitors you take your business seriously
  • You concentrate on your business, not the website
  • Great for online marketing techniques, as well as print
  • Your personality and branding can be captured in custom design
  • Rigorous expertise in design, configuration, and implementation
  • Professionally designed/configured e-commerce solutions
  • More secure than template driven sites

The negative side of completely custom web development vs WordPress development is basically cost and time. If you need a site quickly or have a limited budget for professional web design, you may choose to have a WordPress site designed. WordPress is a well-respected software that a designer can build custom templates for, to give your site a look that suits your business and your budget. WordPress sites are great for less complex websites.

With professionally developed WordPress sites, the designer can also handle proper installation, creation of site architecture for easy navigation, and align and edit your initial content. Your site will then have good search engine optimization, Google verification, and you will have backups created. The designers will deal with the issue of customizing the site with the themes developed for you and they will do the installing and tweaking of the reliable plug-ins you need to make it work flawlessly.

A WordPress dashboard.

When designers develop the theme, it will not look like a large number of other WordPress sites out there. You want to be as unique as possible, even in a template driven website. Sadly, the high quantity of WordPress sites makes them targets for hackers. When a professional configures the settings and installs WordPress on a secure server, you will be better protected from malware and hackers who could ruin your website. After the WordPress site is properly installed, you can add pages, upload more pictures, write posts, and develop social media for your site based on a strong foundation.

If you have sufficient time and capital to consider custom web development vs WordPress development, you can opt for a site which is truly unique, and fits all the exact specifications you have in mind. A custom designed website can offer you that original look that no other site will have. It can set your site apart. Custom web development allows the best SEO to be built in, as well as security, custom features you request, robust e-commerce, ease of updating, and expansion as your company grows.

A WordPress website, developed by a web designer, offers some of the custom features of a completely custom site, possibly in a shorter time frame. Also, as a Content Management System (CMS), it allows for quick and easy updates, additions, and changes you can make to your site. Of course, people will recognize the difference in custom web development vs WordPress development, but WordPress was specifically designed to make it quicker and less expensive to build a site.

Who says you have to make a final choice? You can start with a WordPress developed site. If your needs change, your web developer can always custom design a site to match your success!