Business Web Sites are More Important Than You Think

With the increasing popularity of Facebook, some brick and mortar businesses have strayed away from having a stand alone website, relying on their Facebook business page as their primary internet presence. While this is the ‘easy way out’, they are missing out on many potential customers with this myopic strategy. The proper combination of a stand alone website, SEO, Local SEO, and PPC Marketing will not only help you bring in more customers, but will provide the foundation to take your online marketing to the next level.

As print and television consumption decline every year, internet advertising is growing steadily. Without a proper website, businesses will not be able to take advantage of this marketing trend. Building a website that can convert traffic into customers is something we take very seriously.

Beyond an official website, we encourage our clients to create ad specific landing pages to properly convert traffic from ad buys. At Blueshoon, we specialize in A/B testing landing pages to optimize conversion. If you’re having a hard time converting your online advertising dollar, give us a shout, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results.