5 Signs You Should Invest in Web Development

Your website is vital to your success.

With the brick-and-mortar business model fading away in favor of digital enterprise, effective web development has risen to the top of many businesses’ list of priorities. But with an online presence becoming a necessity, why do so many websites suffer from coding inefficiency and security vulnerabilities that jeopardize the entirety of their business? Let’s take a look at a few warning signs that may indicate a need for stronger web development:

1. Plugin Problems

Poor plugin management can wreak havoc on your site.

While plugins can be great for adding functionality and giving your site a unique identity, you have to toe the line carefully. Excessive plugins are difficult to manage, can be confusing to users, slow down your site, and make your page more vulnerable to unauthorized access.

2. Sad Security

And speaking of vulnerabilities…

Going too long without updating your web development can seriously hurt you in the long run. As time passes, plugins, scripts, and platforms become outdated—making them easy targets for hackers. These miscreants aggressively target obsolete software and applications that have fallen by the wayside, increasing the risk of attack for users who haven’t prioritized their site’s security.

If your website has recently been hacked (or you feel that it’s in danger of being hacked), don’t wait any longer—update your web development with the help of a qualified team that can identify the weak points in your system.

3. Poor Functionality

Did you know that 47 percent of users expect your website to load within 2 seconds?

Slow or faulty web page performance is a clear indicator of the need for a development overhaul. What good is your website if your users leave before it has a chance to load? And then when it finally does load, your market won’t stick around if their user experience is plagued by JavaScript errors, ineffective coding frameworks, or other back-end design flaws.

Upgraded functionality may also be necessary if your site needs unique and business-specific scripts that cater to your market. Implementing advanced functionality can be a complex process that must preserve the consistency of your site’s code. When done poorly, this can create a mess of inefficient coding and redundancy, making it essential that a qualified web dev team handle the burden.

4. You Need Sales

If your website is focused around eCommerce, you’re likely tracking your conversion rates and how your website contributes to the success of your sales funnel. Businesses like these can’t afford to suffer from faulty web development—each error your users encounter sends your bounce rate up and your conversion rate down, dealing a serious blow to your overall revenue.

If you’ve tracked your sites analytics and found that you’re losing potential sales to slow page loading and site errors, your website (and your users) may benefit from an overhaul.

5. Ineffective Branding

While your website’s goals may vary based on your industry, one fact remains constant—you need to stand out from the crowd. Effective web design can help you achieve this goal with combinations of plugins and on-page scripts that offer your users an experience that they can’t find elsewhere. A unique brand identity is essential for marketing yourself, building a user base, and generating revenue through sales. Don’t let uninspired web development slow your growth.

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