5 Myths About Outsourced Web Development Debunked

An unfortunate stigma has attached itself to the concept of outsourcing internal departments to external contractors and firms, especially in regards to IT and web development. Outsourced technical work is commonly painted into a corner as sending jobs overseas to the lowest bidder. In reality, outsourcing web development is less frugal asset shuffling and more finding reliable collaborative partners, often locally, and in the digital era it’s important to understand the difference.

Outsourcing web development is less frugal asset shuffling and more finding reliable collaborative partners, often locally.

Misconceptions surrounding outsourcing are subjective, but treating web development like other business-necessary departments such as marketing and advertising (which have been outsourced almost exclusively for decades) can be beneficial. Here are a few misconceptions worth debunking:

  1. Jobs are contracted abroad – One of the more prevalent misconceptions associated with outsourcing work in general, the notion that outsourced web development is always sent abroad is naïve and misinformed. As with marketing and advertising, many organizations can’t allocate resources to in-house development teams, and it’s common to outsource web development to local firms and agencies rather than trust day-to-day web functionality to an international provider.
  1. Outsourcing is about cutting corners – Like any consumer product or B2B service, outsourced web development can be a “you get what you pay for” practice. With countless discount do-it-yourself platforms advertised as end-all web design solutions, it’s easy to imagine spending a minimum monthly fee, waving a wand, and solving your web development problems. That said, while cost is always a consideration, many companies selectively shop reliable services over cost and choose to outsource web development based on contractor dependability, product quality, and an efficient customer service experience.
  1. Control of the project is lost – Outsourcing important work can be considered a gamble, and losing control of your website is frightening. Fortunately, hiring a professional web development team often includes high level communication and constant project visibility, which is why the above-mentioned efficient customer service is so valuable and support (below) is a badge of honor.
  1. Web development is static – By nature, digital technology evolves. Search algorithms change, audiences sway back and forth, and web-related media either adapts or sinks. The same is true for successful web development, and a thriving web presence isn’t built around a low one-time fee and non-existent tech support. Today, outsourcing your web development usually promises availability and constant, attentive support from the development team.
  1. One size fits all – If anything, attempting to debunk misconceptions about outsourcing should suggest that the term and the process is not one-size-fits-all. Your web presence is one of the windows through which people see your business or organization, and finding an appropriate outsourced web development team to help you plan, size, and construct that window is an involved process. Having a variety of local, national, and even international outsourcing options available makes it easier to personalize and achieve your web development goals.

Professional successes are fueled by decisions. When it comes to web development, it’s important to meet your professional needs, feel in control of your web presence decisions, and take advantage of external resources without sacrificing quality.

Increasingly, outsourced web development is where people turn, and debunking myths and misconceptions about the practice is a good place to get started.

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