5 Add-Ons to Ban From Your Web Design Pricing

It’s a given every business wants to make money. However, when it comes to website design and web development, there are reasonable limits to which web designers should adhere when making decisions about their web design pricing.

A number of the added fees in web design proposals are excessive, unnecessary and prime examples of website developers charging for services they should be providing anyway. Here are five add-on services for which your business should never pay extra:

1. Email Address Set Up

You wouldn’t believe how many website designers still charge extra for this service. Just about everyone who wants a website will need email address set up; it’s another given. If a web developer wants to add an extra charge for email address setup in their web design pricing, this is a red flag.

2. Basic SEO

A website without SEO might as well be invisible; seek out a web developer who will include basic SEO services for your website. It will likely be your responsibility to provide the keywords, but from there the web developer can work them into your site’s file names, text and metadata.

3. Education and Training

Website design is unfamiliar territory to many business owners, but you’ll need basic, essential information to make the most of your new site. If a web developer won’t answer a reasonable number of questions about the process without charging you, find someone who will. (Of course, once your site is live, additional website work and/or ongoing monthly support will be subject to a fee.)

4. Responsive Web Design

When responsive web design was new, it was (understandably) offered as a paid add-on feature. These days, with so many people browsing the web from their tablets and smartphones as their primary devices, responsive website design is no longer optional. Avoid web developers who want to charge you for responsive design.

5. Website Security

You also shouldn’t have to pay extra to feel at ease about the safety and security of your site and information; a basic but solid amount of web security should come standard. That said, enhanced web hosting on secure servers will likely incur extra charges.

Web development today should include a baseline of services standard in every package without pesky additional charges. If you’re having a new website built, seek out a web designer who includes all of these features in their standard web design pricing.

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