Wednesday Websites We Love | MapMyRun

Blueshoon’s office is made up of some fairly active web development nerds. We love to play 16” softball (it’s a Chicago thing) and most of us have run a race or two. We also love to geek out on the intersection of technology and fitness, especially when it allows us to taunt one another*. That’s why this Wednesday’s Website We Love is MapMyRun.

MapMyRun homepage


The first thing we love about this site is the clean and simple website design. This website is designed to support the MapMyRun app and they have kept the site clean and focused on usability. Once you log-in to the website you can view your activity feed, connect with friends, track progress towards a goal, and plan your next running route (and much more).

One of the features that immediately stood out to us is the option to create a route. You input your starting address and then use a cursor to draw a route on the map. As you add each leg to your route, the system automatically calculates the distance of the route. Once you’re happy with your route, you can save it and then access it from the app on your phone.

MapMyRun route planner

Another feature that stood out to us is the ability to set goals. You can decide what type of goal you have and then input the amount of the goal and timeline during which you want to achieve it (ex: run 100 miles in 5 weeks). Every time you log in to your dashboard, you’re reminded about the progress you’ve made towards achieving your goal.

There are tons of other great features to explore and everything that you do online through the website sinks to the app on your phone (and other devices). We love the clean website design, the features that reflect the user’s needs, and it goes without saying that the back-end development is pretty impressive. Happy Wednesday!

*We mean encourage each other to reach new goals.