Wednesday Websites We Love | Flipboard

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re really into visually brilliant web design. We also love to stay updated on things that matter most to us, like our industry, new advancements in web design and development, Game of Thrones, WordPress… you know, the important stuff. That’s why this week, we love

Your personalized page of cover stories.

Flipboard is essentially an ultra-user friendly and innovative RSS reader and interest discovery platform with a magazine-style layout. Like the old and deprecated iGoogle (We miss you!) it allows you to select general interests and then drill down to specifics to create your board. Flipboard then selects from its enormous archive of RSS data to craft a custom page based on your selections. This is basically an RSS reader for people who don’t know what RSS is.

Flipboard is a great web marketing tool for any B2C businesses. It allows you to create your own magazine and promote your blog posts. In addition to sharing your own content, you can share relevant articles and educate potential customers on what you do. Flipboard’s website design layout prominently features pictures so make sure to include visually interesting images.

Business Info and magazine for Woodford Reserve.


In addition to sharing your blog content to your magazine followers, Flipboard allows you to gain new fans. Website owners can have their content included in Flipboard’s content database by following the specific RSS guidelines outline here: Then business owners project their content, instantly, in front of thousands of more interested eyes.

The coolest part of Flipboard is definitely the ‘interest discovery engine.’ Their web developers spent a lot of time creating a relational database of general subjects and more specific sub-interests. It’s smart website design and the back-end development is why is this week’s Wednesday Website We Love.