4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Magento to Start Your E-Commerce Store

Chicago Magento Development

At Blueshoon, when a client comes to us planning on opening an e-commerce site, we almost always recommend Magento.  With solid experience in Magento development as well as other solutions, it’s become clear that Magento is the best choice for businesses who are trying to keep costs down when entering a market.  Here are four reasons we think Magento is the right choice:

1. Price, or lack there of.
– Magento is open source and has a totally free version. Paid versions exist if you need support, but if you’re working with a knowledgeable web development company you won’t require this option.

2. Compatability is Key.
– Magento works well with all major payment processors such as (Authorize.net, Paypal, Paysimple, and ePay)
– Magento also works well with many email marketing companies such as MailChimp.com and ConstantContact.com
– Magento can be installed using open source database software (MySQL), keeping deployment costs to a minimum.

3. Plugins, Oh the Glorious Plugins.
– Extend the funcionality of your web store with community created plugins. These are usually inexpensive and can provide such added functionality as:
Plug-ins such as:
– One click checkout (Just like Amazon!)
– Zendesk customer support (Easily connect with users having trouble)
– Cart Closer (Timed offers to entice users to complete their shopping cart purchase)
– Instant Mobile / Tablet responsive site.

4. Absolute Customization
– Magento allows for complete customization of store templates. If you can imagine it or have seen it on another site, it can then be done in Magento.

Magento is positioned to become the ‘wordpress of e-commerce solutions’ and should be seroiusly considered when starting a new e-commerce website. Parter with the Blueshoon Web Development team to help get your store online by contacting us here.