How to Save Yourself From Added WordPress Costs

Considering using WordPress for your business website? Before you build it, take the time to read on. WordPress starts out free but can end up costing you money in regards to loss of sales. For example, using vulnerable plugins or just too many at once. Knowing what is necessary before you start will help save you money; it will also help make you money.

Templates and Design

WordPress offers free templates, but it is safe to assume many other sites share the same ones. If you are trying to brand yourself, you want your page to stand out. This can be done with custom templates, but you need to know what look is most likely to sell, where to find reasonably priced templates and, most importantly, what needs to be included to make your website stand out from the rest and appeal to your audience. Be careful though, not all themes are trustworthy and can leave your website susceptible to attack. Make sure to do your research before using any theme.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of plugins available for websites. The problems with plugins can range from getting over-enthusiastic and adding much more than you need to finding plug-ins that are outdated or do not do what they claim to do. Even worse is adding plugins that are vulnerable leading your site to get hacked. WordPress costs often skyrocket in this area. You need to limit the number of plug-is to only those that are completely essential for furthering your exposure or attracting potential customers. Additionally, too many will cause your website to load slowly and many visitors to leave. You also need to choose ones that have a great track record of releasing updates.


Hosting your website is one of the first considerations. You need to explore your options and check into things like website up-time. The more often a hosting service is down, the more WordPress costs rise in regards to loss of availability to potential customers. Choose a hosting service that has a history of dependability and security.


Regular maintenance is necessary to keep visitors coming back to your website, but time spent on this task can adversely influence the time you spend on your business. Consider in advance whether or not the time lost on these activities merits doing website maintenance yourself.


The money you spend to hire someone often ends up costing you less than trying to do it all yourself and becoming overwhelmed to the point where every area of your business begins to suffer. Hiring outside help may seem counter-productive when trying to save money, but it is often the best solution to keep those WordPress costs down. Additionally, hiring experts ensures that your site is being maintained correctly and to current standards. They also know how to fix any security issues that may arise, giving you peace of mind that your website is in good hands.

If you’re concerned your WordPress site has been hacked or if you’re just curious, click the link below to request a free security scan (There’s no gimmick, it’s really free). We’ll compile a comprehensive report explaining the security status of your website.

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